Andrés Wood
Director / Producer
Director of “Machuca” (2004), one of the most popular and acclaimed films in Chilean film history. An Economics graduate from Universidad Católica de Chile (1988), then he moved to New York to study film.
After returning to Chile, he directed his first feature film, “Football Stories” (1997). This was followed by the television series “Revenge” (1999), the film “Loco Fever” (2001) and “The Good Life” (2007). These productions have participated in the most important film festivals (Cannes, Venice, San Sebastián, Toronto, Sundance). His more recent direction is the film "Violet Went to Heaven", based on homonymous book of Ángel Parra , that won Sundance Film Festival (2011).

He is also the producer of one of the most popular TV Series in Chile (“The 80´s”).

He has shot dozens of commercials.
2011     Violeta se fue a los Cielos - Director
2008     La Buena Vida - Director
2004     Machuca
1999     El Desquite
1999     Nuestro Siglo
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