The General\'s Daughter
The film tells the story of the life of Michelle Bachelet and her surprising journey along the road to the presidency of Chile. Despite being a socialist, a single parent, and an agnostic, Dr. Bachelet succeeds in becoming the first woman President of Chile, one of South America's most conservative nations, and captures the attention of the world's press with her singularly feminine way of making politics.

For a year, Chilean filmmaker, María Elena Word, followed this once anonymous doctor and socialist militant as she travelled through Chile on the campaign trail, discovering some of the forces motivating Dr. Bachelet as well as examining the high points in her personal and family life.

Through the letters written by her late father, a general in the Chilean Air Force imprisoned after Pinochet seized power in 1973, the film tells the story of this middle-class Chilean family, so profoundly marked by the collapse of democracy and whose experiences are emblematic of Chile's recent history.
Technical Specifications
Wood Producciones en Co-Production with TV3.

With the participation of Arte, Canal 13 (Chile)

Director: María Elena Wood
Executive Production: Joan González, Andrés Wood and Felipe Vera
General Production: Patricio Pereira
Production: Alejandra García y Hilary Sandison
Journalistic Production and Research: Luisa Claro
Screenplay: Rolando Opazo y María Elena Wood
Edition: Galut Alarcón
Director of Photography: Arnaldo Rodríguez
Sound Recordist: Boris Herrera
Music: Andrés Valdivia
Graphic Design: Brandi - Cristián González Sáiz
Audio and Video Production: DVD Medios - Gabriel Cordero

Santiago, Chile
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