Madwomen is a full length documentary film about the inner world of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and her loving relationship with the New Yorker Doris Dana.
Gabriela Mistral meets Doris Dana in a moment of her life in which she believes death is all she can wait for. The poet has won the Nobel Prize but is unable to overcome the biggest pain in her life: the suicide of Yin Yin, her only son.
Gabriela finds in Doris what was always denied to her: to love and be loved. Together they build a family and a home in Roslyn, Long Island.
Aware of the fact that her partner would soon no longer be there, Doris records her conversations with Gabriela and friends who visited them at home. Those recordings are our key to the universe of a woman who lives in permanent tension with her inner demons and whose sensitivity and ambition turned her into a protagonist of her time.
MADWOMEN is the intimate and unknown story of Gabriela Mistral. It is about the events that stirred up her adult life and changed her as a human being and as a poet. It is about Gabriela in the peak of her creation as an artist, when she wrote Lagar and Locas Mujeres.
Technical Specifications
2011 I 72 Minutes I HD I Documentary

An Igeniovisual and Wood Producciones production with the participation
of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN).

DIRECTOR María Elena Wood.

SCREENPLAY René Arcos and Andrés Wood.


CO-FILMMAKER Rosario López.

SCRIPT / RESEARCH Rosario López - María Elena Wood.

SCRIPT CONSULTANTS Solange Soria - Eliseo Altunaga.


EDITING Sophie França.

SOUND DESIGN Miguel Hormazábal - Plató sonido/cinecolor.


MUSIC Camilo Salinas.

This documentary film was support by Audiovisual Projects Fund, CORFO (2007,Chile) and the Audiovisual Fund for Development CNCA (2008, Chile).
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