From the restoration of its church and religious images, this documentary reveals the identity and memory of a community that keeps with honour and respect their history and patrimony.
Technical Specifications
Director: María Elena Wood
Co - Director: Rolando Opazo
Executive Production: Patricio Pereira
Executive Production from AIS: Christiane Raczynski / Magdalena Lira
Research: Rosario López
Camera and Edition: Rolando Opazo
Sound: Carlos Jonson, Sebastián Navarro
Set Production: Rosario López, Álvaro Mena
Original Music: Cuti Aste
Post Production: Gabriel Cordero DVD Medios
English Translation: Dow Wunderlich
Assistant: Luis Ríos

Minera Cerro Colorado Company
A BHP Billiton Company

Simón de Cirene Corporation
Proyect hosted by the Law of Cultural Donations (Law Nº 18.985)

(Help to the church that is suffering)

Wood Producciones
Cast of Characters
Elsa Carpio
Obispo Marco Antonio Ordenes
Latrina Apala
Nelson Donaire
Ruth Godoy
Paula Valenzuela
Hernán Rodríguez
Isabel Roubillard
Atilio Copaira
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