Alter three years of work, the people from Mamiña are prepare to open once more the doors of their church built in 1632, that was destroyed by the earthquake of June, 2005.

Travelling across the streams of Mamiña, reach in Termal Waters, is travel trough the memory of its habitants, is to discover in each corner a peace of ancient history. Because here, everything has an origin, everything has a sense that transfigures town and people in one element: Lively Patrimony. Walls that breath and history being carried by its own people, worshiping their ancestors trough music and dance. Being faithful to this tradition, the School of Mamiña has formed an orchestra that will debut in the opening party of the Church.

This is the story of a town that in the middle of its cultural changes has taken conscience of who it is to be able to project itself for the future.

The reconstruction of the church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario of Mamiña, was able thanks to the contribution of Minera Cerro Colorado, a Company of BHP Billiton.
Technical Specifications
Director. María Elena Wood
Production: patricio Pereira
Executive Production: Andrés Wood
Screenplay: Rolando Opazo
Investigation and Set Production: Rosario López
Montage: Susana Fajardo
Photography and Camera: Gabriel Díaz, Sergio Armstrong, Rolando Opazo
Sound: Carlos Johnson
Original Music: Cuti Aste
Graphic Art: Brandi
Post Production: Gabriel Cordero DVD Medios
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