There Are Wome is a 12-part series set in the late 60's, about two young sisters, Ramona and Helga, who emigrate from the countryside to the city. Upon arriving in Santiago, Chile, they start a clandestine business selling wine in a camp that is being built in the outskirts of the city. Business starts booming, and they decide to live there along with their new friend Carmen, a prostitute who teaches them how to survive in this marginal world new to them.

Slowly, the three women become involved in a political movement that promotes the takeover of these grounds, and promises to get them out of poverty. To survive, they begin working as cleaning women, laundering clothes, and night club dancers.

They also fall in love and begin intense relationships that become a source of love and pain. It's the story of a 3-women family who pull together aiming to realize the dreams of justice of an entire generation that moved to the city in search of a better life.

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