The Other Life
In addition to the launching of the film, was created the first Mini Series of fiction recorded during the production of the film “La Buena Vida”. Now is available in vestibules WAP of Movistar, and can be downloaded through cell phones.

“La Otra Vida” is a mini series of 20 chapters or “mobisodes”, which is related to “La Buena Vida”, the film by Andrés Wood, but goes in a completely different direction. The only thing they have in common is Eddy (Eduardo Paxeco), in “La buena vida” he is one of the main a character, in “La otra vida” he is the actor playing his part in the film.

But “La otra vida” is not about Eddy, is about Julia (Francisca Rojo), an actress that without being able to dedicate herself to act, she has to sell products in the street. But one day she meets one of the stars of “La Buena vida” (Eduardo Paxeco), and now she will do everything, and will try to have a part in the film.
The series start to mix the fiction with the real life during the filming of “La Buena vida”.
This Mini Series produced by Wood Producciones and directed by Cristián Mamani was created to promote the film “La Buena Vida”.
Technical Specifications
Direction: Cristián Mamani
Executive Production: Alejandra García
Screenplay: Rolando Opazo, Ignacio Villanueva
Photography: Gonzalo Muñoz
Sound: Carlos Johnson, Alian Gedda, Eric del valle
Production Assistance: Sofía Contreras
Edition: Eduardo Maza
Post Production: Gabriel Cordero DVD Medios
Cast of Characters
Francisca Rojo
Eduardo Paxeco
Macarena Gálvez
Sebastián Layseca
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