Turn of the 20th century. A house is swept away by the Ñuble river. Little Anita is rescued from the raging waters but her parents disappear in the undercurrent. Her stepparents hand her over to the house of a rich landowner, where she is raised as a servant to Doña Lucia, the landowner’s frail wife, who finally passes away when Anita is a young woman. Anita is beautiful and Don Pedro is a widower. They are both dramatically drawn to each other. This is a story of love and vengeance, as strong as the waters of the Ñuble river.
Awards & Acknowledgements
* Fondo Consejo Nacional de Televisión, 1988 (National Television Council Fund) in support of television programs with a high cultural content of national or regional interest.

Also awarded at:

* Viña del Mar Film Festival (1999)
* Damasco Film Festival (1999)
* Trieste Film Festival (1999)
* La Habana Film Festival (1999)
* Cartagena Film Festival (1998)
* Gramado Film Festival (1998)
* Madrid Film Festival (1998)
Technical Specifications
Director: Andrés Wood
Screenplay: Boris Quercia y Andrés Wood (Basada en la obra de teatro de Roberto Parra)
Production: Pepe Torres y Boris Quercia
Director of Photography: Miguel J. Littín (AEC)
Montage: Guillermo Cifuentes
Cast of Characters
Tamara Acosta ... Anita (adult)
Camila García ... Anita (young girl)
Willy Semler ... Pablo Casas-Cordero
María Izquierdo ... Doña Lucía
Bélgica Castro ... Margarita
Daniel Muñoz ... Manuel Salazar
Aldo Parodi ... Pedro Carrasco
Patricia López ... Carmencita
Boris Quercia ... Guillermo
Mario Montilles ... Doctor
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