Our Century
This series (8x50) narrates the Chilean way of life during the 20th century and how major changes and events on both a national and global scale shaped their lives. This is the story of important figures who left their mark, but also of everyday people who participated in or were witness to historical episodes or moments.
Awards & Acknowledgements
Fiat / Ifta, Viena (2000)

* Best television program made with archive footage

Asociación de Periodistas de Espectáculos (Showbusiness Journalists Association), Chile (1999)

* Best Documentary Drama

Federación de Centros de Padres (Parents Center Federation), Chile (1999)

* Best Family Program

Premios Chaplin, Chile (1999)

* Best Journalistic Production
* Best Program
Technical Specifications
A production of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN)
Year of Production: 1999
Executive Producer: María Elena Wood
General Production: Maria Paz Egaña
Direction: Andrés Wood, Marcelo Ferrari, Felipe Vera, Claudio Marchant and Jaime Sepúlveda
Historical Advising: Sol Serrano and Patricio Bernedo
Host: Bernardo de la Maza
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